Rely on us for single-point accountability to bring your product to market.

Through our Integrated Development Process (IDP)™ we are able to enlist a range of disciplines into a cross functional team to ensure rapid, yet marketable design, functional technical development and an efficient production approach.

It is our goal at Novation Industries to develop a clear understanding of your product requirements and prepare a concise plan for your comprehensive product development program. Our consultants will meet with you to uncover your goals and objectives including market requirements, profitability, functionality, esthetics and more.  When we get started, we will develop a comprehensive implementation plan considering scope, magnitude and overall strategic direction.

Product Development

Novation Industries Consulting Services

During implementation, we introduce a phased approach to development, utilizing tactical planning, detailed timelines and not-to-exceed budgets.  Throughout our consulting process, we stay focused on achieving your results, delivering solutions quickly and cost-effectively. We maintain a focus on the future and keep the process forward-thinking to be sure to achieve your ultimate business objectives.


Total Cost of Ownership

At NOVATION Industries it is our passion to facilitate growth and success in our clients.  To achieve this it’s necessary to look beyond price.  Our discovery process is designed to uncover hidden costs that our customers may not be aware of and we then work with them to minimize or eliminate those hidden costs.  By focusing on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) we can have a significant impact on our customer’s bottom line.

One of the tools we often utilize in our discovery process is The Total Cost of Ownership Estimator.  The TCO Estimator is a complimentary tool provided by the Reshoring Initiative. Unlike standard sourcing that is predominantly driven by price, the Total Cost of Ownership model enables aggregation of all cost and risk factors into one cost for simpler, more objective decision making.  To download a copy of the TCO Estimator please Click Here >>

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