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Applied DNA Science Inc. (ADNAS) has completed trials demonstrating that its SigNature DNA markers can be authenticated when used in packaging materials and on pharmaceutical tablets, which can be used to detect counterfeiters.  The technology uses unique DNA tags from botanical genomes that can be scanned using a UV light to capture the spectral response and match it against a library, and then stores it and its image for future reference.  The optical markers can be read at packaging line speeds.

The technology’s sensitivity allows it to be detected with just a single molecule.  It’s detectable with very high fidelity, and there’s almost no false positives or negatives.  The SigNature DNA markers can be added to ink and varnishes, making it suitable for all phases of printing and hot stamping as well as molding and extruding in other materials.  ADNAS is partnering with a number of companies that will utilize the DNA carriers in their products.


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