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Bring products to market with integrated efficiencies:
  • Quicker time to market
  • Reduced overhead
  • Shorter development times
  • Integrated design solutions
  • Single point accountability

Addressing Return on Investment Throughout the Process...

Through the Design for Manufacturability / Assembly (DFMA) process we ensure that our customer’s products are not only designed to be functional and beautiful, but also designed for highly reliable and efficient, low-cost manufacturing.


From the beginning, salability, functionality, reliability and producibility are equally paramount in our product design.  Before our engineering phase is complete, our cross-functional team considers ease-to-manufacture of each component part as well as the complete assembly

When various parts of the design process is split and segregated among different suppliers, the opportunities for cost-effective manufacturability is often lost.  What an industrial designer may consider being marketable and “good” design, ends up being difficult or impossible to produce.  Our team is integrated from the start.  Ideas do not progress unless all team members agree that the product is marketable, functional, and easy to produce in a reliable manner.  Once prototyping is completed the product goes through a final design and manufacturing review to pass our rigorous guidelines for tolerances, injection mold construction, rules and common manufacturing checks related to DFM or DFMA. This diligent process breeds efficient production processes, prevents loss of manufacturing time and ensures shorter time to market

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