Rely on us for single-point accountability to bring your product to market.

Through our Integrated Development Process (IDP)™ we are able to enlist a range of disciplines into a cross functional team to ensure rapid, yet marketable design, functional technical development and an efficient production approach.

From Ideas to Integration

Developing functional electronic plastic components to meet performance and reliability needs

NOVATION Industries provides design and injection molded parts and subassembly contract manufacturing for a wide range of electrical component applications.

Our experienced team works with you throughout the development process, while providing design and reverse engineering, tool design and sourcing, prototype development and testing.  Through quality injection molding, secondary services and contract sub-assembly we can provide complete subassembly services.  Our sourcing capabilities also allows for whole product manufacturing, if required.

As you roll out new products or want to improve your manufacturing processes, rely on us to help you produce your components with reliability and efficiency.  Whether your priorities are high precision, heat resistance, conductivity, or something else, we will identify breakthrough materials such as LCP or ESD materials; as well as employ unique manufacturing processes such as insert molding or chemical bonding to reach your product performance goal. 

Electrical Solutions:

EMI Protection, RF Protection, Encapsulation Technology, HI POT and Continuity testing.


  • Lighting – LED, fixtures and components
  • Connectors – interconnects on functional devices, multifunctional switches
  • Crash sensors  occupancy sensors, tire sensors, etc.
  • Electronic Housings – Encapsulation of PCB's, boxes, fittings, gateways, interfaces, and enclosures
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