Novation Inustries 3 Pillar Philosophy


Over 50 Years of Innovative Custom Manufacturing..

W M Plastics, was established in 1967 by Bill Metz, an accomplished tool and die maker. Bill established and differentiated his company by providing quality custom plastic injection molded parts (link) with on-time delivery. It was in those early days that the first company motto was born, "Where Quality and Delivery meet."  After Bill Metz's untimely death in 1982, W M Plastics continued its focus on providing exceptional customer service under the leadership of Chris Metz, his son, who focused on offering an ever-increasing array of value-added manufacturing capabilities and front-end services including cutting-edge design and engineering support.

"Today, our customers enjoy a completely Integrated Development Process (IDP)," explained Chris Metz, the company CEO.  "A term we coined to communicate our evolving philosophy of value integration.  In 2012, the company became NOVATION Industries, a renaming and rebranding effort that better communicates our full offering and strongly positions the company as a new product innovator. The new tag line, Manufacturing Ideas, depicts our commitment to not only producing breakthrough ideas, but also to making our customer’s ideas come to life.

"Across five decades, NOVATION Industries (previously WM Plastics) has built a reputation for bringing innovation to the marketplace, while delivering exceptional customer service.  Our future continues to promise opportunities for bringing exceptional product innovation and delivery to our customers and we commit to providing excellence in new product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and supply chain management. As we anticipate the future, our team looks forward to making a difference for our customers."

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