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Inkless In-Line Digital Printing...

New, patented technology known as Variprint and Infinity Inline Digital Printing, developed by DataLase, allow for inline, customized digital printing on virtually any substrate.  A coating containing a unique additive is applied to the substrate using normal printing methods, i.e., flexo, gravure, litho etc.  When the coating is exposed to a laser, it generates a color change reaction in the pigment, creating the graphics or variable data required.   To utilize the Variprint and Infinity technologies, a high speed LDA printer is required.

The total cost of ownership of inline digital printing vs conventional digital or hybrid digital systems is significantly lower.  Firstly, it brings advantages to the entire supply chain in terms of costs, such as the avoiding the need to invest in large-scale, out of line digital capacity and the ability to rationalize SKUs.  This creates hug efficiency and minimizes inventory and tying up capital.  The inkless technology also delivers a clean, high-definition, cost-effective printed product and avoids issues associated with ablation, inkjet and thermal printing such as high equipment maintenance costs, overspray and ink particulates contamination.

Finally, the technology can also offer customers a highly advanced digital print solution, using existing print assets and machinery.  This avoids capital investment, remapping of workflows and resources, thus improving speed-to-market and cost reduction.

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