JAN 2016 E-Newsletter

"Our company's continued success has been built on the reliability and integrity
that we demonstrate with each of our customers, suppliers and employees."
- Chris Metz, CEO


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Reinforced ABS for 3D Printing...
Additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology continues to rapidly evolve, often outpacing the ability of industry implementation, with a significant amount of advancements being made in new material development A recent example is the development of a natural fiber reinforced ABS by ELIX Polymers. 
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High Heat & Impact PLA for 3D Printing...
The Bioplastics Division of Teknor Apex has introduced the Terraloy® 3D-40040 Series of polylactic acid (PLA) compounds that provide enhanced properties and tight tolerance control in 3D printing, while permitting oven drying of filament to prevent defects caused by residual moisture. 
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Metal-To-Plastic in Competitive Racing...
Converting metal components to plastic has been a trend for decades, and the ongoing advancements in plastics have allowed the industry to take that trend to new levels.  The Polimotor 2 project, which is being led by automotive innovator Matti Holtzberg, is a technical project that aims to design and manufacture a next-generation, all-plastics engine for competitive racing in 2016. 
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Advancements in Medical Device Design Using NEW Silicone Elastomer...
The medical device industry continues to spawn new innovations.  Many innovations come in the form of new materials, which is the case with NuSil Technology’s High Strength Silicone that has a tensile strength of up to 50% greater than existing silicone elastomers on the market, while also being uniquely soft and pliable.
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Bipolar Batteries with Conductive Plastic Plates...
The use of light-weighting techniques to reduce cost and energy consumption continues to drive innovation in the plastics industry.  At the Battery Show 2015 Integral Technologies, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of ElectriPlast Corp., demonstrated a prototype 12v Lead Acid Bipolar Battery made from its patent pending ElectricPlast plates. 
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Is Reshoring a Reality...?
U.S. reshoring has often been touted as the next boon for U.S. Manufacturing, but it may have been just a one-off aberration.  The second annual A.T. Kearney U.S. Reshoring Index shows that for the fourth consecutive year, reshoring of manufacturing operations to the United States has once again failed to keep up with offshoring. 
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Lableless Packaging Lowers Cost...
For some time now, thin-walling has been a technique used to reduce the cost of containers in packaging.  Eliminating labels could be the next in reducing the cost of packaging.  Lableless packaging started with laser printing on coated cartons and cases, and now the technique is being looked at for laser printing on PET.
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NOVATION Takes Education and Training to a New Level...
One our company Core Values and a key aspect of driving continuous improvement is ongoing education and training of our employees.  In support of that effort we are implementing a Learning Management System (LMS), which will be utilized to deploy all education and training to our employee.  The system will allow us to develop a training matrix for each position within the company, track the completion of the training and verify their comprehension and overall training effectiveness.

NOVATION Welcomes Prince Castle...
NOVATION industries welcomes their newest customer Price Castle, an industry leader in food processing equipment that helps their customers keep their operation clean, organized and safe.  Our most recent project involved helping them to convert a component of Yogurt Dispenser from metal to plastic, which will reduce the cost of the component, and make it safer and easier to clean.


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