January 2017 E-Newsletter

"Our company's continued success has been built on the reliability and integrity
that we demonstrate with each of our customers, suppliers and employees."
- Chris Metz, CEO


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It's Official... We're TS16949 Certified!
Novation Industries® announced that on December 19, 2016 it had received the ISO/TS16949 certification, an internationally recognized standard which is awarded to manufacturing companies with a Quality Management System (QMS) which provides for continual improvement and emphasizes defect and waste reduction through manufacturing consistencies.  The ISO certification is a jointly managed quality standard, which is overseen by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  Novation’s certification is valid for three years, which must be reviewed annually by an IATF auditor and can be renewed upon expiration. 
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Efficient Organic Phosphorescent Materials...
Phosphorescence is an effect in which some chemicals re-emit light that they absorb. It is similar to fluorescence, except that the chemical reactions within phosphorescent materials happen less often, thus they take longer to emit light. Phosphorescent materials can be recharged by being exposed to light and may store light for several hours before it is re-emitted. 
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You've Got to be Kidding... Cellulose Based Plastic?
Most of us have understood for years that plastic is an environmental no-no. It's fuel based, requires lots of energy to produce and it clogs up landfills for what might as well be forever. It's difficult to imagine a plastic we can buy without guilt. And whether eco-plastics fit that bill depends on how "green" you want to be.
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What's In Store for 2017...?
It’s that time of the year again when every business is talking about and doing research to determine what’s in store for the upcoming year. Why is this? Because businesses need to be able to plan ahead, budget correctly, prepare employees and try to edge out the competition. In fact, staying a step ahead of everyone else could make you a trendsetter, which can convert into additional sales for your products and services.
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Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2017...
The start of a new year can often bring sense of concern to any business. There are many opportunities that lie ahead for the manufacturing industry. These include disruptive processes such as additive manufacturing or all the newly created materials that bring substantial benefits to the end user. Alongside opportunities there are always challenges such as… increased demand for precision and quality, the will to improve the speed of the additive process, the desire to increase throughput, and, of course, the need to do all this profitably.
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Novation 2016 Review...
At the beginning of 2016 we started the with the goal of improving our quality and service to our customer.  We created the Program / Account Manager function to focus on successfully managing new projects into production and identifying and implementing programs to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Each customer has unique needs, and this function focuses on ensuring those needs get met.  
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Novation Helps Customer Save Money and Improve Customer Satisfaction...
A leading manufacturer of recreational equipment partnered with NOVATION to upgrade the design of their fluid trainer, an indoor-training device that engages a street bicycle in a stationary position while rotating the rear wheel to stimulate outdoor cycling. The original product design used a metal impeller; however, the company sought to convert to a more lightweight, cost-effective design using plastic. The conversion of the impeller from metal to plastic required precision in mass, as well as design, to maintain optimum resistance in fluid resistance as well as durability. NOVATION provided engineering, design and support to convert the impeller to plastic, which lead to lower costs, higher durability, and increased consumer satisfaction of the fluid trainers
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