July 2016 E-Newsletter

"Our company's continued success has been built on the reliability and integrity
that we demonstrate with each of our customers, suppliers and employees."
- Chris Metz, CEO


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Sound Modelling Resonator...
DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS 95G35 is a high-performance polyamide, produced with DuPont’s proprietary SHIELD technology which provides superior long-term resistance to high temperature and aggressive fluids making it ideal for the resonator on the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.  
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Eggshells in Biodegradeable Packaging...
Almost 99 percent of it is made with crude oil and other fossil fuels. Once it is discarded, petroleum-based plastics can last for centuries without breaking down.  As an alternative, some manufacturers are producing bioplastics — a form of plastic derived from cornstarch, sweet potatoes or other renewable plant-based sources — that readily decompose or biodegrade once they are in the ground.
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Polycarbonate for Next Generation Lenses...
A new PC that reportedly outperforms all other resins currently used in camera lenses in terms of refractive index and heat resistance has been developed by Teijin Kasei America, Norcross, Ga.
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Factory of the Future...
You may have heard how the “Internet of Things” will change how devices and appliances will work and interact, a new study released by Accenture Consulting describes how a “Connected Industrial Workforce” will drive significant gains in productivity in factories by connecting workers and machines. 
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Applied DNA Science Inc. (ADNAS) has completed trials demonstrating that its SigNature DNA markers can be authenticated when used in packaging materials and on pharmaceutical tablets, which can be used to detect counterfeiters.  The technology uses unique DNA tags from botanical genomes that can be scanned using a UV light to capture the spectral response and match it against a library, and then stores it and its image for future reference.  The optical markers can be read at packaging line speeds. 
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Automotive and 3D Printing...
3D printing technology continues to evolve from being primarily used for prototyping to being a serious option for low volume production parts.  The automotive industry is beginning to take 3D printed car parts seriously.
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Quality Improvements...
As a commitment to our Mission of Service and Continuous Improvement core values the company has created two new positions in the Quality Assurance department and invested in new measurement equipment.  In the last 90 days we have added the Quality Engineer function to assure consistent quality of production.  Rasik Patel was hired as the Quality Engineer and he will be involved in our IDP (Integrated Development Process) by helping to design production control and monitoring processes, ensuring tools and processes have been properly validated, and ensuring that appropriate measurement techniques are being utilized.  He will also assist with continually improving our QMS (Quality Management System) and establishing continuous improvement and corrective action programs.     
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