Rely on us for single-point accountability to bring your product to market.

Through our Integrated Development Process (IDP)™ we are able to enlist a range of disciplines into a cross functional team to ensure rapid, yet marketable design, functional technical development and an efficient production approach.

From Form to Function...

Let us work with you to provide an innovative solution that fits your specifications, budget and functionality

NOVATION Industries provides years of experience in producing merchandising solutions including retail shelving applications, displays, end caps and more.  

Our capabilities include a range of press sizes and LEAN work-cell processes to provide fully integrated and cohesive molding and assembly operations that are efficient and deliver on our quality promise.  In-house prototyping, tooling design and management, secondary services and assembly capabilities allow for single-source value integration.   

NOVATION engineers provide decades of experience in the merchandising industry and provide systems and products that service customers worldwide. Our integrated design teams will work with you from ideation to manufacturing to customize a merchandising solution to fit your project considerations including dispensing, adaptability and long-life durability.  

As you roll out new products or develop new retail partnerships, rely on us to help you develop innovative merchandising delivery and display solutions.   If you require unique dispensing, hanging or bin solutions we can help you design and produce the most effective system. Whether your priorities are strength, color match, electrical integration, field adaptability and configuration, or ease of installation; our engineers will help you design an innovative and unique solution.  

Merchandising Solutions:

Research, design, prototyping, engineering, tool making, injection molding, secondary services, assembly, packaging, logistics.   

Merchandising Segments:

Retail merchandising – bins, dispensers, shelving, racks, frames, sign holders, displays

Wholesale storage – shelving, racks, displays

Trade show displays – signs, display components, shelves

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