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Economy Analysis October 2015...
The inherent inaccuracies in the reporting of the economic numbers never cease to amaze observers, the latest revisions being case and point.  While the second quarter GDP reported an actual growth rate of 2.3%, that number has been revised to 3.9%.  This was no small revision.  In spite of this revision in the second quarter, there is now plenty of evidence that suggests that the economy slowed dramatically in the third quarter.  When there is a GDP shift of this magnitude, there is also a noticeable slowdown in the economy.
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Medical Packaging...
Wisconsin-based sheet extruder Pacur LLC, alongside partners Eastman Chemical Co. and specialty thermoformer Tek Pak Inc., developed an opaque, extruded, multilayer glycol-modified PET foam as an alternative to styrene-based opaque medical packaging.
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Auto Underhood Materials...
Newly launched Zytel Plus nylon 66 from DuPont Engineering Plastics significantly extends the performance life of under-the-hood components.  The material enables high-performance plastics replacement of metals for vehicle light weighting.  It has excellent long-term temperature and chemical resistance allowing the material to cost-effectively fill the wide gap between standard nylons and many typical high performance thermoplastics such as PPA (polyphthalamide), PA46 (nylon 46) and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). 
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New Method of Making Conductive Plastics...
Some U.S. inventors may have found a way to make plastics conductive to electricity and heat using a patented method of attaching a polymer chain to a nano-scale metal particles and graphene that can exhibit useful electrical, thermal and even magnetic properties.
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4D Printing...
4D printing refers to structures made from 3D printed materials that can transform in a pre-programed way in response to stimulus, making them more flexible and more useful.  The process is being developed through collaboration between the R&D department within Stratasys’ Connex and the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT.  The technology leverages Stratasys’ Connex multi-material 3D printing technology, which allows researchers to program various material properties into each of the different particles of the designed geometry.
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Flexible Display Screens...
Skokie, Illinois based Polyera Corp will begin selling the Wove Band, the world’s first flexible digital display device.  The new technology allows displayed text and images to reside on a flexible surface and be wrapped around your wrist like a watch or bracelet.
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Wearable electronics may benefit from the process of doping graphene with boron for making flexible polymer supercapacitors.  The process, which turns common polymers into graphene, may also have applications in catalysis and the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries and solar cells.
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NOVATION Hires NEW Quality Assurance Manager...
William Etten recently joined NOVATION Industries as the Quality Assurance Manager. He has an extensive history working in plastic injection molding, with more than 25 years of experience managing various manufacturing facilities.  His responsibilities range from coordinating and directing quality production programs, to oversight of strategic developmental support of manufactured plastic molded components.  Etten’s wide range of skills are essential in supporting quality processes within the diverse work environment at Novation.  His impressive work ethic is showcased by his Bachelors of Science in Management and Human Resource Management, which he earned from Columbia College of Missouri with Honors.

NOVATION Attends Pack Expo Las Vegas...
NOVATION Industries attended Pack Expo Las Vegas and exhibited among more 2,000 companies.  The company was able to connect with industry experts and sustain key partnerships with packaging companies, showcasing the company’s proprietary Integrated Development Process (IDP), employed in the development of new packaging solutions.

NOVATION Industries hosted a hospitality event at the Las Vegas Country Club, where their award-winning packaging designer offered complimentary project design consultations and financial analysis to qualified prospects.   Attendees included executives from packaging companies, distributors and OEM companies who were seeking development assistance for their packaging design strategies and plastic injection molding production. The event helped to increase engagement with key prospects, which has led to several new project opportunities.

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