Oct 2016 E-Newsletter

"Our company's continued success has been built on the reliability and integrity
that we demonstrate with each of our customers, suppliers and employees."
- Chris Metz, CEO


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From the Outside, Looking In...
The majority of us conduct our daily business or routines with one goal in mind: to do the best we can with the tools we have been given. However, something some of us often forget to do is to consider what it is like to be on the outside, looking in. Internally, within the manufacturing injection molding plant, we see production schedules, operators, management, die setters, presses, and the list goes on. We focus on procedures that ensure quality and on-time delivery of product. 
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Agave-Based Bioplastic for Vehicles...
What does Ford and Jose Cuervo have in common? They are coming together to explore the tequila producer’s agave plant by-product to develop more sustainable bioplastics to use in Ford vehicles. A tequila brand and a car company joining forces is an unusual combination. 
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Plastic Clothing that Keeps Skin Cool...
Engineers at Stanford have developed a new plastic-based, low-cost, textile that, if woven into clothing, could cool your body far more efficiently than is possible with natural or synthetic fibers used today. The research suggests that this new family of fabric could become standard practice for garment use in hot climates.
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Are You Ready for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality?...
Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have both been around long enough that most are familiar with the concepts. Visual reality takes the user into a completely visual and artificial world. Augmented reality is different because it molds the real world with the virtual one.  Granted, many of us will relate them to the world of gaming; however, alternative technologies are often playing a larger role in the manufacturing industry today and will continue to take on more vital roles in creating a more accurate and efficient work environment. 
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The "Authenticity" of Plastic...
The manufacturing world is, once again, changing. Would you ever have thought that we would be converting so many products from their original materials into plastic? For those of us in the plastic industry, this seems like a good turn of events. However, the public perception is often negative. The term “plastic” is typically referred to when people think of car interiors or other throw-away items that fill our landfills. Additionally,  , in the consumer’s mind,  there is often an underlying “cheap” feeling about plastic.
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Quality Improvements...
As a commitment to our Continuous Improvement core value, in late 2015 the company made the commitment to become ISO/TS16949 certified, common in the automotive industry, as a means of fulfilling our passion of helping our customers, employees and the business achieve high levels of success.  Although the certification will lead to automotive work, the key driver was to take our overall performance to a new level that would benefit our current and prospective customers across all industries.     
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