With three generations of tool build experience and a talented team of engineers, you can be rest assured that your project will be managed and brought to completion by an extraordinarily talented group of seasoned professionals.  Our extensive tooling experience includes design and engineering solutions for SPI Class 101-104 tools from simple open and shut tools to more complex molds with multiple cavities or movements. Rely on our specialty practices such as insert molding, elastomer over molding or multi-resin to create unique components and products.  Working to meet our customers' needs, we do not over build or under build molds, matching quality and longevity to customer needs by carefully selecting mold type, steel grade and cavitations strategies.   Our engineers work directly with the tool makers, to ensure clear and concise direction for design and performance specification.

By incorporating testing during the validation process, we are able to improve part quality and minimize long-term maintenance costs.  Our technical team also incorporates DFM techniques and continually looks at ways to refine existing designs to make them more manufacturable, as well as design for repeatability, robustness, consistency, minimal parts, simplified tools and lower cost.

We aggressively seek out opportunities to process new or experimental materials to provide our customers the newest injection molding techniques and advances in polymer technology. We bring customers decades of experience with specialty and engineered resins including high temperature, LCP, ESD materials and thermoplastic elastomers. Our expertise in other specialties such as insert molding and elastomer over molding, including mechanical and chemical bonding techniques, provides a multitude of options in building unique and specialty parts and products.



  • 3D, 2D and CAD design modeling
  • DFM considerations
  • SPI Class molds 101-104
  • Proprietary tooling manual
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Material analysis
  • Test/validation considerations
  • DFM / DFMA design



  • Insert molding
  • Multi-cavity
  • Open and shut tools
  • Hand loaded inserts for low volume
  • Overmolding
  • Complex molds with multiple movements
  • Unscrewing tools
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