By continually seeking out opportunities to work with new and emerging materials, we provide a heightened level of experience in a myriad of polymer technologies. Our injection molding team works to achieve design goals, whether it be glass or metal-to-plastic conversions, strength requirements, design specifications or other special requirements.


From basic polypropylene to engineering grade ABS and Polycarbonate, our team works closely with our resin suppliers to determine the most effective material for your product, at the right price.   Whether your priority is mechanical toughness, temperature range/resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, electrical insulating properties, or ease of fabrication, we understand that material selection is a critical part of the design process.  We explore the latest advances in polymer technology including new or experimental materials to provide a balanced combination of properties to satisfy the application demands.



  • Thermoplastic elastomer
  • Temperature sensitive resin
  • Thermo-chromatic resin
  • Glass filled resins
  • Conductive resins
  • TPR and TPU materials
  • High impact plastics
  • High temperature materials
  • Liquid-crystal polymers
  • ESD static controlled polymers
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