Novation Plastics excels in executing successful tool transfers.  We utilize a risk mitigation process so that we can respond to our customer's need for a change in sourcing partners with speed and eliminate supply chain disruptions. Before we receive tools, we initiate a detailed questioning process and checklist due diligence, which have been developed over the years to ensure that we uncover any potential maintenance issues, inventory and shipment concerns as well as areas for design or quality improvement. 

Upon receipt of the tool, we go through a qualification process to uncover any potential problems, which includes inspection of the tool, review of the part quality, and comparisons to specification and quality standards.  If we uncover any discrepancies or concerns, we will work with our customers to complete design modifications or tool maintenance, if required.  We conduct sample part runs to review part quality, conduct comparisons to drawings and develop inspection data requirements to ensure a successful transition. 

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