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Polycarbonate for Next Generation Lenses...

A new PC that reportedly outperforms all other resins currently used in camera lenses in terms of refractive index and heat resistance has been developed by Teijin Kasei America, Norcross, Ga.

Lenses on smartphone, vehicle and security cameras are increasingly shifting from glass to plastics which must have a high refractive index and high-heat resistance to balance the demand for smaller, lighter instruments with the need for strong performance and durability. Teijin’s new redesigned PC resin has been shown to achieve a refractive index of nd=1.65 and heat resistance of up to approximately 150 C (302 F), outperforming existing resins and making them ideal for such next-generation applications. Sales will commence this summer. Teijin is also developing another PC reins with even higher refractive index and heat resistance to be launched later this year to meet demand for even smaller and lighter instruments.


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