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Quality Improvements...

As a commitment to our Mission of Service and Continuous Improvement core values the company has created two new positions in the Quality Assurance department and invested in new measurement equipment.  In the last 90 days we have added the Quality Engineer function to assure consistent quality of production.  Rasik Patel was hired as the Quality Engineer and he will be involved in our IDP (Integrated Development Process) by helping to design production control and monitoring processes, ensuring tools and processes have been properly validated, and ensuring that appropriate measurement techniques are being utilized.  He will also assist with continually improving our QMS (Quality Management System) and establishing continuous improvement and corrective action programs.

The Quality Trainer & Document Coordinator position was established to have a dedicated resource to assist with training all employees on quality management tools and techniques and maintain the documents associated with our QMS.  Zoraya Ortega was hired for this position and she maintains the company’s LMS (Learning Management System), which is used to deliver and track all employee training, perform QMS audit and identify improvements to training, processes and procedures, and she maintains the documentation of associated with the QMS.

To improve the throughput of measuring components, Novation Industries invested over $70,000 in a new Keyence measuring system.  The impact of this new system was recently summarized by Ian Carlson, Quality Assurance Technician in the following manner.

“This is an exciting time to be a Quality Assurance Technician at Novation, since I am in the process of completing my training on our new Image Dimension measuring system through Keyence Corporation.  This programmable inspection device will enable us to directly import CAD files, display trend graphs, histograms and gage limits to layout parts within minutes that would normally have taken over an hour in duration.  The Keyence incorporates unique automated data collection that allows measurement of up to 99 data points in less than a minute with accuracy of +/- 2 microns.  The Keyence investment is going to be beneficial for SPC (Statistical Process Control) as we diversify our customer focus including requirements of the automotive industry. A robust measurement method is key in supporting both efficient and effective systems for quality data requirements across the multiple technical industries we supply. Six Sigma gage studies and AIAG MSA (Measurement System Analysis) activities demand a reliable and repeatable process; our Keyence is the precision system matched to drive accurate data and continuous improvement initiatives. Increasing inspection accuracy and speed, along with enhanced productivity, I am thankful to be involved in this new chapter at Novation’s inspection capabilities.”

Ian Carlson

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