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  • Reduced overhead
  • Shorter development times
  • Integrated design solutions
  • Single point accountability

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Validate... Then Create!

It is our goal to help you develop highly marketable products that surprise the consumer or end user by providing an exceptional user experience.  Through our research, we take the time to learn customer preferences and execute a detailed market study to ensure validation of ideas before you invest deeply in new product development. 

Market / Market ResearchOur process goes beyond the scope of traditional research. Before the product design phase, we can use qualitative, quantitative and contextual research to gain a comprehensive understanding and confirm concept direction.   We often employ research again after the prototyping phase to confirm fit, form, and function – while looking at esthetics, ergonomics and other user experience factors. 

Our research methods can provide an in-depth understanding of the user, minimize investment risk, and gain a competitive edge by making certain that concepts meet the needs of the target demographic and addresses priority opportunity areas.  We provide design oversight throughout the entire process to keep end goals and project objectives top of mind.  In the end, our process converts your business goals into an articulated product development plan that brings your product to life and to market successfully, without speculation.  Work with Novation Industries to minimize your risk and secure a solid investment return, when launching your next product. 

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