September 5th Harvey Update
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Dear Customers,

As the magnitude of the impact that Hurricane Harvey is having on Houston hits the news, there has been a growing concern not only regarding the impact on the people and businesses in Houston, but also the impact that it will have on the supply of goods, since Houston is a large producer of plastic resin.

We have received numerous communications from our suppliers over the last few days, and the message is similar from all of them.  This is a catastrophic situation and we will be feeling the effects for a long time.  We could be facing many months of long lead times and higher prices.  We have attached a letter from one of our suppliers that summarizes the situation well, without getting into specifics of the various materials. Click Here to view for an example of what we have received from the M.Holland Company.

Novation industries is continuing to monitor the situation as we get additional information from our suppliers.  It’s a very dynamic situation, but as we get specific information that we know will impact a specific customer, you will be notified.  In the meantime, we are proactively extending our orders to our suppliers from the typical 90 – 120 days to six months, and where possible we are providing forecasts to our suppliers.  You can assist us greatly in securing material for your products, by providing Novation with orders as far out as possible.

We will keep you informed as we get clarity on the situation, or we can provide you with specifics regarding materials we use for your products.


Scott Baxter


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