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WM Plastics changes name to Novation Industries

McHenry, Illinois, February 11, 2013  -- WM Plastics announces a change in its
corporate naming approach and is now doing business exclusively as Novation
Industries®, a name that represents its expanded service offering of holistic product
development.  Also, a new, succinct branding strategy exemplifies the company’s
integrated offering of product design, injection molding, contract manufacturing and
logistics services. 

Novation Industries®, which has been in business for 40 years as WM Plastics, has
provided industrial and consumer product manufacturing for customers nationwide. 
With a new focus to provide comprehensive product development, it has recently
expanded its offering to include front end research, industrial design, prototyping and
testing.  Company managers feel that the new name, Novation Industries®, represents
both innovative design capabilities, as well as long-term manufacturing experience.  
“By rebranding the company as Novation Industries®, the company is better positioned
to build a brand that will support our expanded service offering as a new product
innovator,” said Chris Metz, the company’s president. “The new tag line, Manufacturing
Ideas TM , depicts our commitment to not only producing breakthrough ideas, but also to
making our customer’s ideas come to life.”

As a part of the company’s rebranding strategy a new corporate logo has been
designed. The mark graphically integrates the “N” from Novation and incorporates a 
contemporary color palette including green to represent innovation and change as well
as deep grey to represent industry and manufacturing. A new website, located at promotes the brand and provides a comprehensive
overview the company’s capabilities.  

Through an Integrated Development Process (IDP), Novation Industries® is able to offer
customers a range of disciplines to ensure rapid, yet marketable design, functional
technical development and an efficient production approach, bringing products to
market with integrated efficiencies such as:
-    Speed-to-market
-    Parallel efficiencies
-    Integrated design solutions
-    Phase-gate governance
-    Single-point accountability

Services offered include: 
Research – risk minimization through research-driven new product “ideation,” market validation

Industrial design – innovative design employing 3D modeling techniques and prototyping

Engineering – multi-functional teams encompassing mechanical, electrical, industrial, plastics and
tooling disciplines

DFM – manufacturable solutions that bring production efficiency, while maintaining design

Prototyping – machined, cast or molded methods for design confirmation and testing

Plastics – complete injection molding tool design, production and finishing capabilities 

Manufacturing – comprehensive contract services including domestic and global sourcing 

Logistics – turnkey logistics services with stocking programs, inventory control and fulfillment
After being in business for forty years, the company is in a strong position to leverage
its successful history, market knowledge and extensive service offering to increase sales
with more aggressive and honed marketing programming. The company’s name and
new brand strategy will support its renewed focus on holistic product development and
its commitment to increasing national market share through new and expanded
customer relationships. 
W M Plastics, was established in 1967 by Bill Metz, an accomplished tool and die
maker.  Metz established and differentiated his company by providing quality custom
injection molding with exceptional customer service. After Bill Metz's untimely death in
1982, W M Plastics continued its focus under the leadership of his son, Chris Metz, who
incorporated an ever-increasing array of value-added manufacturing capabilities and
front-end services, including cutting-edge design and engineering support.
Novation Industries®, formerly WM Plastics, specializes in integrated product
development services including industrial design, injection molding and sourcing,
contract manufacturing, and logistics.  The company’s core ideology drives
Innovation, efficiency and a customer-centric focus.  Novation Industries® has
considerable expertise within diverse markets and has worked with major consumer
products, medical and merchandising manufacturers to provide product development

Thursday, April 11, 2013 12:10:00 AM

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