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Worker Shortage...

The United States faces a need for nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs over the next decade and two million of those jobs are likely to go unfilled due to a skills gap, according to new research from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute.  American manufacturing companies face a significant skills gap over the next decade, largely fueled by baby boomer retirement and too few young people who see the industry as a career destination.  This is one of the reasons Novation Industries has been a supporter of the Manufacturing Careers Internship Program (MCIP), which is designed to give young adults a chance to see first-hand the high-paying career opportunities available in the manufacturing sector.

Research shows that roughly eight in 10 manufacturing executives (82 percent) feel that workforce shortages or skills deficiencies in production roles have a significant impact on their ability to meet customer demand, and 78 percent indicate that it impacts their ability to implement new technologies and increase productivity. Manufacturing executives responding to the skills gap survey, performed by Deloitte, indicated that six in every 10 skilled production openings, are vacant today due to a talent shortage.

To get a summary of the research results, checkout the article on the Reliable Plant website.


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