Effective Strategies for the EMS Market: Novation Industries’ Approach

Rapid technological advancements, shorter product lifecycles, supply chain disruptions, and the intense
pressure to reduce costs while maintaining quality and flexibility – today’s electronics manufacturing
services (EMS) sector is a complex and demanding field. Navigating this intricate landscape demands
innovative and adaptive strategies that address these challenges. Let’s take a closer look at today’s EMS
market and how Novation Industries stands at the forefront of meeting the industry’s demands.

Understanding the Challenges
As the EMS market continues to grow, manufacturers are facing a unique set of obstacles. Swift
technology changes necessitate continuous updates in production processes and product designs,
leaving little room for error. Additionally, supply chain volatility has become a persistent concern,
exacerbated by global events that can halt production lines and inflate costs overnight. These issues are
further compounded by the market’s demand for cost reduction, forcing EMS providers to find a
delicate balance between quality and affordability.

Innovative Solutions through IDP
At Novation Industries, we overcome these challenges through our Integrated Development Process
(IDP), which includes innovative design solutions, prototyping and testing, performance engineering,
sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment. By bringing manufacturing expertise into the early
development process, we mitigate common problems that tend to arise during later stages. This
proactive involvement ensures that every project is built on a foundation of expertise and excellence,
tailored to successfully navigate the EMS market’s complexities.

Adaptive Strategies in Action
Adaptability is key in the EMS market and involves strategies such as flexible manufacturing processes,
agile supply chain management, and the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies, including automation,
and data analytics. To ensure efficiency and responsiveness to market dynamics, Novation Industries
implements these strategies through collaborative partnerships, continuous process improvements, and
utilizing data-driven insights to optimize operations.
With the rise of IoT devices, increasing demand for sustainability, and the shift towards digitalization,
Novation is also proactively preparing for trends in the EMS market by investing in advanced
technologies, optimizing our processes for sustainability, and fostering innovation through strategic

What Makes Novation Noteworthy
With extensive experience, advanced equipment, and a commitment to innovation, Novation stands out
in the EMS market. Our key differentiators include:

  • Comprehensive Operations: Novation offers an expansive range of secondary operations and
    contract manufacturing services, ensuring versatility and quality across the board.
  • ISO and IATF Certifications: We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality
    and compliance.
  • Integrated Development Process (IDP): By integrating manufacturing expertise early in the
    design phase, we ensure a seamless, efficient, and optimized production process.

Feedback from our customers indicates that they value our direct approach, the consistent quality of
our work, and our capacity to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. This feedback is integral
to how we refine our processes and services.

We measure the effectiveness of our strategies by looking at clear indicators: how we can reduce
production lead times, improve the quality of our output, achieve higher customer satisfaction, and
enhance the efficiency of our operations. This ongoing assessment helps us stay aligned with our goals
of practicality and continuous improvement.

Our work emphasizes a problem-solving mindset, responsible practices, and a focus on pragmatic
innovation. We welcome dialogue with those looking to enhance their manufacturing processes and are
keen to share how we can work together.


In the face of relentless market pressures and challenges, Novation Industries is proud to be a collaborative partner in problem-solving and driving innovation in the EMS market. By leveraging innovative solutions, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration, we are able to fully support our customers in navigating the dynamic EMS landscape.

If you’re ready to delve deeper into mastering the EMS market, download our free eBook, “From Supply Chain to End Product: The Plastic Manufacturer’s Guide to Thriving in Today’s EMS Market,” and contact us to discover how we can partner together for your success.

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