Adaptive Strategies for the EMS Market

Effective Strategies for the EMS Market: Novation Industries’ Approach Rapid technological advancements, shorter product lifecycles, supply chain disruptions, and the intensepressure to reduce costs while maintaining quality and flexibility – today’s electronics manufacturingservices (EMS) sector is a complex and demanding field. Navigating this intricate landscape demandsinnovative and adaptive strategies that address these challenges. Let’s take […]

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Overcoming Challenges: Novation’s Innovative Solutions in Action

Explore how Novation Industries transforms manufacturing challenges into victories through innovation, strategic foresight, and a commitment to quality.

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Press Release (Oct 2023)

State Senator Craig Wilcox and State Representative Steve Reick Met and Visited with Executives and Employees of Novation Industries MCHENRY, IL – Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) member Novation Industries in McHenry County hosted State Senator Craig Wilcox and State Representative Steve Reick to share concerns manufacturers in Illinois are facing and what can be done to improve […]

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Cultivating Quality Excellence: The Heart of Novation Industries

Quality is a buzzword consistently tossed around the manufacturing world, but how do you know when a manufacturer is truly committed to delivering the highest level of service and quality to its customers? At Novation Industries, our quality policy states that we believe in “Excellent customer satisfaction through 100% on-time delivery and zero-defect product, achieved […]

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