Our Design Team Makes Products that Sell

We create ideas for you with inspiring and innovative concepts that produce must-have products. Novation develops products that set our customers apart from the competition by carefully employing the best ergonomic, esthetic, and materials selection design considerations.

Making things look good is just the beginning; our industrial designers thrive where form and function meet. They make products work better – improving performance and enhancing the user experience.    

User affinity for a product is based on the experience, perception, and emotion around the product.  We work to capture this understanding and transmit that into the product design.  This process ultimately creates a highly functional, highly marketable product.



Our uniquely integrated approach offers our customers efficiency of vertical integration including speed to market and single source accountability. Our technical team works cross functionally to ensure that products or components are designed with aesthetic and ergonomic consideration, as well as with cost effectiveness, manufacturability and marketability.

Product Development

Our uniquely holistic approach to product development offers our customers efficiencies of vertical integration including speed-to-market and single-source accountability. By partnering with Novation Industries, we can provide you with single point accountability – and that brings a whole host of benefits.

Research / Planning

It is our goal to help you develop highly marketable products that surprise the consumer or end user by providing an exceptional user experience. Through our research, we take the time to learn customer preferences and execute a detailed market study to ensure validation of ideas before you invest deeply in new product development.


We develop functional product solutions based on performance and reliability as directed by our multi-technical teams of mechanical, electrical, material/polymer and tooling engineers. Our team works with clients to select and apply the most effective development methods to meet each client’s goals and create great products.


We proof your product idea through prototyping in a 3-dimensional model to evaluate ergonomics, size, functionality, durability and manufacturability. Prototypes can also provide tools for consumer response studies, channel partner presentations, packaging design, management reviews, engineering assessments, sourcing requirements and other development needs.

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