Novation Industries is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers and business partners. Our Quality Policy is “Excellent customer satisfaction through 100% on time delivery and zero-defect product, achieve through solving and presenting issues in all areas of the business”.


Through the Design for Manufacturability/ Assembly DFMA process we ensure that our customers products are not only designed to be functional and beautiful, but also designed for highly reliable and efficient, low-cost manufacturing. Our cross-functional team considers ease of manufacture of each component part as well as the complete assembly.

Secondary Operations & Assembly

For projects that require more detail, custom design, or component assembly, Novation offers a wide variety of secondary services to produce your products. We work with a wide array of suppliers, both domestic and international to source components, process equipment and packaging to provide a complete integrated solution.

Tool Transfer / Maintenance

Novation excels in executing successful tool transfers. We utilize a risk mitigation process so that we can respond to our customers need for a change in sourcing partners with speed and eliminate supply chain disruptions.

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