Discover our innovative solutions as described in our customer case studies. Novation has considerable expertise within diverse markets and has worked with major OEM manufacturers, tier-two producers, and consumer product companies to provide injection molding solutions.

The Plastics Manufacturers Guide to Thriving in the EMS Market

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Artificial intelligence, automation, and data analytics are real assets in today’s EMS toolkit, promising enhanced efficiency and the ability to pivot swiftly in the face of supply chain challenges.

Adaptive Strategies for the EMS Market

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Discover Novation Industries' strategies for navigating the EMS market amidst challenges including rapid technology changes and supply chain disruptions.

Overcoming Challenges: Novation's Innovative Solutions

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Explore how Novation Industries transforms manufacturing challenges into victories through innovation, strategic foresight, and a commitment to quality.

Cultivating Quality Excellence: The Heart of Novation Industries

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Quality is a buzzword consistently tossed around the manufacturing world, but how do you know when a manufacturer is truly committed to delivering the highest level of service and quality to its customers?

Novation’s nimble response to spike in demand for face protection products provided critical support during pandemic emergency

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NOVATION received increased production orders for personal protection equipment(PPE). This increased volume, which started in April and will continue at least through September, includes molding and complete product assembly of face protection products.

Improved impeller design in fluid cycle trainer leads to company savings and increased consumer satisfaction

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A leading manufacturer of recreational equipment partnered with NOVATION to upgrade the design of their fluid trainer, an indoor-training device that engages a street bicycle in a stationary position while rotating the rear wheel to stimulate outdoor cycling.

Unique mounting device for electronic devices is produced with ingenuity

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iOmounts™, a start-up company that produces unique mounting solutions for personal electronic equipment, approached NOVATION Industries to help create their new Nomad product, which secures smartphones..

Thin-wall design provides a unique food packaging solution

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A national foodservice provider, specializing in spices and concentrated flavorings for the restaurant and food processing industries, needed to develop a new and innovative package that also provided a lighter, more sustainable-friendly solution.

Plumbing products company saves $1.6 million in three years, adopting innovative tooling designs and manufacturing practices

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Sloan Valve Company, a global manufacturer of premier commercial plumbing products, partnered with NOVATION to design and produce a number of high-volume plumbing components.

Innovative hand tool developed with engineering and manufacturing methods

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Wilton Industries, a contract manufacturer for national leading consumer products companies, approached NOVATION to assist with design and development of a highly engineered All-in-OneTM screwdriver.

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