Plastic Injection Molding Company, Novation Industries, Celebrates 50th Anniversary

McHenry, Illinois, December 27, 2017  — Novation Industries®, a leader in the plastic injection molding industry, celebrates their 50th year in business providing five decades of plastic injection molding to customers across a variety of markets.

Novation Industries, previously WM Plastics, was established in 1967 by Bill Metz. Metz differentiated the company by providing quality custom plastic injection molded parts with on-time delivery. After Metz’s death in 1982, WM Plastics continued its focus on providing exceptional customer service, focusing on offering an ever-increasing array of value-added manufacturing capabilities and front-end services including cutting-edge design and engineering support. The company was rebranded in 2012 to Novation Industries with the new tagline, ‘Manufacturing Ideas’ which depicts their commitment to not only producing breakthrough ideas, but also to making their customers’ ideas come to life.

“Across five decades, NOVATION Industries has built a reputation for bringing innovation to the marketplace, while delivering exceptional customer service,” said Novation Industries president, Scott Baxter. “Our future continues to promise opportunities for bringing exceptional product innovation and delivery to our customers and we commit to providing excellence in new product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and supply chain management. As we anticipate the future, our team looks forward to making a difference for our customers.”

Novation Industries specializes in custom manufacturing solutions and integrated product development services including design, injection molding and sourcing, contract manufacturing, and logistics. The company has extensive expertise within a variety of markets including automotive, consumer products, medical, packaging, and merchandising.

Looking ahead, Novation Industries plans to increase its customer base within the automotive market through its dedication to quality assurance as noted through its IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications. The company also plans to establish global partnerships to fulfill customer orders across a variety of markets which will lead to quicker response times, shorter supply pipelines, and overall easier production due to closer communication for customers in those areas.

Novation Industries was established in 1967 and specializes in injection molding and manufacturing services including design, sourcing, contract manufacturing, and logistics. The company’s core ideology drives innovation, efficiency, and a customer-centric focus. Novation Industries has considerable expertise within diverse markets and has worked with major consumer products, medical, and merchandising manufacturers to provide product development solutions.

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